MicroDot US is a scalp micropigmentation clinic that offers an alternative to other more expensive, and sometimes painful, hair restoration solutions. If you are balding, or are completely bald, and you want to look like you have a natural full head of hair, our clinic is right for you.

Stronger than regular tattoo ink, MicroDot US implements a single tip instrument to create small micro-dots to mimic a natural hair follicle that looks like a shaved head. Our team of professionals will study your natural follicles and recreate the shape and eddies, in order to ensure that your results are 100% all natural looking. With the use of industry leading ink pigment for all of our hair pigmentation, you never have to worry about any blotting, running, or color fading for up to ten years. Many people, both men and women alike, are regaining their self-confidence and the happiness they deserve with this revolutionary hair restoration tactic.

Whether you have been experiencing hair loss over the past few years, or it is a relatively new topic of concern for you, MicroDot US is here to help. By offering our services to you, we help you not only look better but also feel better from the inside out.

At MicroDot US, our hair follicle replication is the non-surgical solution for both men and women, and is great for the following:

  • Recreating the look of a shaved full head of hair on an entirely bald head
  • Camouflage scars on the scalp from previous hair transplants or from other injures
  • Adding density to thinning hair

Your life changing solution is here; Contact Microdot US of Lowell today for a free consultation. The head of hair you have always wanted could be yours sooner than you think.